Sunday, June 3, 2012

...tunas by hlovate..

Posted by eiyqha afiqha at 5:00 PM

paperback : 539 pages
published : 2008 by Jemari Seni
edition language : malay

hlovate again? the name itself is full of meanings. its about love and hate. the writing is simple, funny,witty..u might be laughing out loud without meaning will bring u back to those good times especially for those who is fortunate to experience the boarding school first hand. Addin so remind me of my head girl, i guess so. she's totally cool, tomboy and smart. she's part of this cool clique, apparently children of rich people who went to the private school. their antics are fun and juvenile. theres not much love story in this book but a lot of life lesson.

the most i like is when this kids are supposedly to be the spawns of upper class they are still humble and nice unlike the shallowness of the gossip girls kid. they are so cool that i wish i was like them when i was in school. i guarantee this will bring a smile to ur face after reading it !!

p/s : my own book


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