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...hex hall by rachel hawkins...

Posted by eiyqha afiqha at 6:21 PM

hardcover : 336 pages
published : March 2nd 2010 by Hyperion Book CH
edition language : English

so lets just say that any book that includes star wars and harry potter sounds good to me. not only that but this book was so funny. i thoroughly enjoy reading it, more for the humor than the story, though that was very good too. so in short this book's little like harry potter meets evernight and refuses vampire academy

hex hall is a funny and humorous book with a sudden twist that is entirely difference from the norm of YA books. the story itself is about a teenage witch named, Sophie Mercer who gets into all kind of trouble on her first day at the reformation school for unnatural beings called hecate hall. i absolutely love how Sophie's character is so witty, sarcastic and shes not afraid to say what she thinks without being too straight forward. one her first day she meets her crush, forms three powerful enemies in the school and ends up with a vampire who happens to be the outcast of the school as her best friend and roommate. its definitely a refreshing take from the normal paranormal books that i have read and im really loving it! 

as i have said this book is funny and humorous but it also comes with a huge twist..i absolutely shocked when i finished it and im dying to read more of what will happen to the girl named Sophie. i thought the romance between her and Archer Cross was rather cute and sad at the same time - due to sudden development in the end. i do truly believe he has feeling for her so i hope they will somehow end up together in the end.well in this book it remain me of harry potter meets mean girls who eventually meet sabrina the teenage witch at the same time. its so hilarious!

with all that i have said, im truly looking forward to the next book am im really curious as to where Sophie's adventure will for Archer,hmmm he is such a mysterious character that u cant help but fall in love with and hope that he and Sophie end up together 'LOL' a big thums up to Rachel Hawkins

p/s : borrow this book from the library (^^,)


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