Wednesday, June 6, 2012

..the last song by nicholas sparks...

Posted by eiyqha afiqha at 6:47 PM

hardcover : 390 pages
published : 2010 by sphere
edition language : english

this book was very touching, loving and was a touching story about a father and daughter and all the happy and sad times that came with there relationship. after his daughter finds out that he had become a terribly sick over the summer and did not tell anyone, she becomes worried and terrified over the whole thing. but along the way she finds who she thinks is the love of her life and also trying to balance there relationship. finding true love and helping her dad is the main thing on her mind. however when her father becomes ill again ahe is the one that is there for him through his hard journey. it is extremly touching and loving. something happened on pages 127, Ronnie saved the sea turtles (^^,)..that was a good book with a slow start but strong ending. im glad im didnt give up cz i ended up really loking it.

p/s : my own book n dont forget to watch "the last song" movie


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